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  • Words from the Chairman of the Board

  • Determination and precision, to become irreplaceable.

    Facing competitive challenges and new management recruitment, OST has been through a tough road throughout the years. However, we still persist in putting our customers as top priority by focusing on the market, and open to new changes. We are able to adjust quickly and respond to customers’ needs unhesitatingly. From effective integration and innovative designs to solid research and development, we are able to provide one-stop customized services. This allows us to create an sustained competitive advantage.

    In order to provide a high quality, safe, and intelligent life experience, we can only depend on our advanced sensing technology; therefore our motto is to “Create with solely precision “. With this belief, not only did it help our technology and products surpass our competitors but also become the leader in the industry. In 2013, our annual revenue exceeded one hundred million NTD, with increase by 30% growth compared to 2012. Furthermore, our annual growth has increased 50% in 2014 as compared to 2013. With this solid foundation, we will hold on to our beliefs and grow steadily with our customers, investors and colleagues.

    The key to success is not only based on the pursuit of stable growth in profit, but to treat each and every colleague as an important asset. OST treats its colleagues as how it treats its products, with great attention and care. We have created a casual and comfortable working environment and great variety of trainings and benefits, to ensure every employee is working at their best state of mind. Therefore, we are also proud to say that our employee turnover rate is the lowest in 20 years.

    Last but not least, we will like each and every one of you to know that, “OST originated and matured in Taiwan, we will show the world where we are from and what we are capable of, and become the empire for the infrared MEMS industry where the sun never sets.”